Bach Flower Remedies - Page 2

Heather: The flower essence remedy for people who are obsessed with themselves. They talk exhaustively about their problems and illnesses till people begin to avoid them. The remedy helps them see their own concerns in the context of others’.


Holly: The flower essence remedy for anger based on hatred, suspicion, or envy. Theirs is an absence of love, and the remedy works to encourage generosity and openness towards others.


Honeysuckle: The remedy for people who live in the past instead of the present. This flower essence helps them learn from the past so that they can progress into the present.


Hornbeam: The remedy against feelings of exhaustion and tiredness before an effort is even made to do something. The remedy helps rejuvenate their spirits.


Impatiens: The remedy for people who are always in a rush and detest having to slow down because of others. The remedy helps them be less hasty and more patient with others. Impatiens is a component of Rescue Remedy.


Larch: The remedy against feelings of inadequacy and failure. People in this state lack the confidence to succeed and often do not even bother trying. The remedy helps them to be willing to take risks.


Mimulus: The flower remedy for known, everyday fears such as fear of the dark, of illness, of spiders, and so on. The remedy helps dispel these fears.


Mustard: The remedy for deep gloom and depression that take over for no apparent reason. The remedy helps to dispel the clouds of gloom and to find happiness.


Oak & Olive: The Oak remedy is for strong, steady people who never give up under adversity and plod ahead no matter the odds. These good qualities sometimes drive them to exhaustion. The remedy helps them sit back and relax a little. Olive for tiredness and exhaustion after strenuous physical or mental labor, or struggle with illness.

Oak Olive

Red Chestnut: The remedy for unwanted fear for the well being of others. These fears are normal but magnified to a point where they adversely affect the loved one. This flower essence helps calm these fears.

Red Chestnut

Rock Rose: The Flower essence against panic and terror that paralyze one’s ability to think. This flower remedy provides calm and courage.

Rock Rose

Rock Water: The remedy for people who self repress and self deny to extremes, always seeking ways to perfect themselves. This flower remedy helps ease the excesses and to not be so hard on themselves.

Rock Water

Scleranthus: The flower remedy for people who are plagued with indecision, and are prone to mood swings and even motion sickness. The remedy is given to help them be more decisive.


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