Flower Therapy - Healing Naturally

Flower therapy is the act of healing with flowers. It is believed that though flower energies are subtle, over time their effects can be profound. Flower essences are the blossoms of plants prepared from a sun infusion in a bowl of water. The flowers are exposed to noon sunlight for about three hours. The essence is then mixed with alcohol, which acts as a preservative, and dispensed in liquid or pill form.

Yellow Flower

"The main reason for the failure of the modern medical science is that it is dealing with results and not causes. Nothing more than the patching up of those attacked and the burying of those who are slain, without a thought being given to the real strong hold."

Dr. Edward Bach


Flower essence, dispensed this way, is believed to have a calming effect, taking away negative feelings such as anger, fear, lack of confidence, guilt, and so on. Hence, the term flower essence therapy.

 In flower therapy, the selection of medicine is based on the attitude or negative feeling. Therapists state that even the act of selecting the flowers is a tremendously relaxing and calming experience. Through quiet meditation, reflection, self observation, and consultation with others, it is possible to become aware of oneself and of issues that require one’s attention.

Two types of flower therapy are prevalent today: Bach flower therapy and the Eiseman flower therapy. Dr. Edward Bach was a pioneer in understanding the connection between the emotional self and physical health, and is considered to be the founder of flower essence therapy. He believed in healing certain physical and mental ailments through oils extracted from flowers, and theorized that ill health (physical imbalance & disease) results when we are in imbalance, disassociated from others, or disconnected from our life purpose.

Eiseman flower therapy, on the other hand, believes in enhancing moods through colors and patterns of flower arrangements. Color helps us find balance and flowers are an ideal way to harness the power of color to enrich our lives. Certain color combinations, expressed in floral arrangements, can relax the senses, and stimulate positive feelings.